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I was born on the 9th of July 1973, in Troy, New York. My farther was a professional musician and my mother a sociologist to-be. At the age of 6 months, we moved to Europe. Until the age of 22, I lived mostly between France, Italy and Germany.

After a After getting my bachelors in mathematics at the UNSA, Nice, France, I moved back to U.S.A. and started a Ph.D. program soon after. Until then, I was mostly interested in music, spending most of my time studying at the “Conservatoire de Nice” and attending the science university only to benefit of the scholarship advantages.

During my Ph.D. program at Emory University, I started to become more interested in mathematics. My predilection was for unifying disparate results into a subsuming one though the creation of a unifying structure and language. Since the scholarship lent to it, I decided to work towards a Masters in computer science simultaneously. I bought my first computer at age 14—for the sole purpose to try (unsuccessfully) to program it to be able to converse with me—but had scarcely had any formal education in computer science till then.

During and after my graduate student years, I taught several classes such as “mathematics of computer science”, “probability and statistics”, “calculus”, “theory of computing”, for Emory University, John Hopkins, and Illinois State University.

In 2000 a computer hardware company called me to see if I could use mathematics to help them with a few problems they had, and thus started my first project as a consultant in mathematics. I sat in meetings to learn their expertise and give them my “mathematical” perspective. I researched topics relevant to their problems and conducted workshops to teach the engineers certain techniques of interest. I served as an “on-call” mathematician when a programmer had questions about the effectiveness or efficiency of his algorithms. Finally, I developed some novel systems and methods for them, one of them which we later patented.

Word-to-mouth had its way and brought me many subsequent projects in various sectors.

Since 2003 an increasing proportion of projects involved data acquisition, analysis, mining, and utilization to create or optimize various business processes. Since 2006 my main focus gravitated around marketing, behavior modeling and language processing.